Denis and Irina translated various materials into English for our company, such as portions of our Computer Vision Systems website.

Collaboration wasn’t limited to a single job. Depending on text complexity, various interaction strategies were developed. For some jobs, the text was translated without providing additional details. For others, a collaborative effort was necessary, during which the most appropriate translation variants were developed.

We are 100% satisfied with the final outcome. We were always confident that our jobs would be delivered on time, that all questions which came up during the work process were discussed with us rather than remaining unclear, and that we would obtain a quality text as an end result.

Yelena Kalashnikova
PR Manager, Lanit-Tercom
Saint Petersburg, Russia

I spent a long time searching for a specialist who could translate my tales. I found the best one. He was recommended by several people whose opinion I value. But he didn’t accept my job, saying that a literary translation of this type of material wasn’t something just anybody could do. He advised me to contact Denis and Irina. When a high-end specialist gives a recommendation like that, it means something.

Working with Denis and Irina brought me only pleasant feelings. Every translation was delivered on time. When reading the tales in English, I noticed on several occasions that they were more colourful than the original. As for price, it perfectly matches the quality.

I recommend without reserve Denis and Irina as masters of their profession.

Anton Gusev
Teller of Tales, Anton Gusev’s Tales
Donetsk, Ukraine

Denis and Irina provided voice tracks for videos advertising the Rizzoma service. They also corrected the texts before recording them.


  1. quality questionnaire

  2. quality work

  3. rigorously delivered on time (speedy delivery pleased me greatly)

  4. pleasant communication

What I liked less was exchanging text files by e-mail. Tools already exist (Google Docs, Rizzoma) which make this unnecessary and simplify version control – it’s about time to master them! But this is my pet peeve and I’m always butting heads about it.

In conclusion: I’m very satisfied with our collaboration. This project allowed us to adequately enter the Western market and help users understand our innovative service.

Vasiliy Hlebnikov
Product Manager, Rizzoma
Saint Petersburg, Russia

I called upon Mrs. Irina Hart several times to translate articles and columns for our websites. I was quite satisfied with the results of her work. The translation quality and prompt delivery were both quite satisfying. I recommend Irina Hart for her professionalism and quality work.

Alain Homsi
Director, BudgeTourism
Paris, France

We collaborated with Denis and Irina a few times. One project consisted of correcting, translating from Russian to English, and recording an online course. The subject was iPhone / iPad application programming. Another project was translating texts originating from the « Le Petit Marseillais » website from French to Russian.

The “pluses” are: an attention for detail and stylistic nuances, carefully proofread texts, work always delivered on time. Extra thanks for the recording, at the level of a professional actor. We didn’t notice any “minuses”.

It’s pleasant to work with professionals – we obtained precisely the result we were expecting. No corrections were needed. One can entrust them with serious projects which require 100% quality.

Kseniya Yegorova
Project Supervisor
Interlike Creative Agency (Moscow, Russia)
Game-Era (USA)

I needed to communicate with a francophone business owner. I am fluent in English, but not good enough in French to get my point across. Denis was very helpful. He was recommended through a friend. I was very happy with the professionalism and promptness of Denis getting back to me. We had some conversations through e-mail and some over the phone. He made all the arrangements with the business proprietor, hours of operation and place to meet in Canada. Denis was also helpful in finding the easiest and closest directions to the destination.

When I met with Denis he led the way to the business. When we met with the proprietor Denis was very professional, got the point across to solve the issue. He also led the way back to our meeting point.

The fees were economical and fair. I really appreciated all his help and assistance, otherwise I would not have been able to get my problem solved.

I would highly recommend Denis if anyone needs an interpreter between English and French.

Mary Anne L.
Vermont, USA