Denis & Irina Hart – High-End Translations by Native Speakers

When creating a website, a presentation, a promotional audio or video message – translation is always an afterthought. The rest is more important: graphic design, advertising copy, SEO. Many consider translation to be a simple task – knowing a foreign language or two is sufficient. However… look at the flip side.

French (extract from a translated text about tourism to teach French!):

Here’s what a native speaker will understand:

Imagine what your customers and foreign partners will think of this.

Do you want to solve this problem?

Order from two native speakers: one bilingual (English / French) and the other Russian.

The result will be a high-end translation: faithful rendition of the original, impeccable language and adapted to the target audience if needed.

According to a famous citation: “Translations are like women. The beautiful ones are not faithful, and the faithful ones are not beautiful.” The Hart couple manages to attain that rare harmony of writing which is both beautiful and faithful.

Yelizaveta Borunova
Docent at the Moscow State Pedagogical University,
Professor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Moscow, Russia

What will you obtain?

  1. Market exposure

The consumer won’t have to navigate a convoluted maze of words and phrases, forced to guess their meaning. Everything is clear and concise.

  1. An adequate public image

We rarely see intelligible translations which don’t make native speakers giggle. You’ll be one of the few with a worthy text.

You want to penetrate an external market?

You’ll be able to challenge your competitors.

You provide services to foreigners in your own country
(hotels, restaurants, museums)?

Stand out from the crowd.

  1. The result

We translated a press release. A month later, the client returns and orders another, saying “The last one broke every record! We need another one in the same style.”

Our clients successfully

  1. penetrated a new market,

  2. increased their profits,

  3. gained the respect of their colleagues and partners.

  1. So what are your needs?

We’ll be happy to help. Contact us!